‘HARD COPY’ The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo New 9 minute Viral Video

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As promised early today with the images plus new Featurette more The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo goodies where on the way and a little later than expected here it is! Sweeping aside those ‘professional’ film critics who break review embargoes you’ll know who I’m talking about some small time critic from New York we do actually have a film to look forward to on December 26th from the dark mind of David Fincher and a new viral video has found itsway onto the old t’internet.

Hard Copy was an American News Magazine show which ran for 10 years between 1989 until 1999, a very aggressive programme in its approach on questionable television, a little bit like a points of view meets Mary Whitehouse. This is one of the best pieces of assets released as it’s a 9 minute viral video created as a segment from Hard Copy starting with a crash which leads into the murder case thats the plot of the film. Those old enough to remember Betamax, VHS video recorders may appreciate the nostalgic style the report has been created in  and if you remember the book or even the Swedish version some of the report maybe very familiar to to you.

I do hope this version will be a success and encourage more people to check out the original version, same with other films that have been remade appreciate them and understand the film industry isn’t just what comes out of Hollywood, there’s a big world of great films ready to be discovered!