Final GHOST RIDER:Spirit Of Vengeance Poster Burns Up The Internet

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I always remember on my way back home  from working in Sorrento Italy back in 2007 the inflight film was Ghost Rider a Marvel comic book I actually enjoyed back in the collecting days. The film was nothing but terrible but like any bad film it rakes in enough to earn itself a right to make a follow up, fast forward to a recent viewing of that follow up film Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance  which was screened at a small American film festival the overall verdict….terrible! It should be a question these film studio’s should be asking themselves, why do they persist in making films for what is really B or low rated super heros? Jonah Hex , Punisher are 2 perfect examples why they should re consider bringing more of these films out. It’s a shame  the films can’t  follow the quality of their posters as the new final poster for Spirit of Vengeance is actually pretty good?!

I’m not expecting Oscar winning performances  plus I’m only going on one person’s view but as the saying goes one person nightmare can be another’s paradise . Hopefully it’ll be a no brainer fun film when it arrives on February 17th 2012, hopefully very shortly a new trailer will arrive as it’s August since the previous one. Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance also stars Nicholas Cage ,Idris Elba, Ciaran Hinds, Christopher ‘There Can Be  Only One’ Lambert and Johnny Whitworth, Violante Placido.

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