Eva Green To Play in 300:BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA?

Eva Green To Play in 300:BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA?

2011 seems to have been the year many film projects have found light at the end of the tunnel out of development hell, one of those projects is the highly  antcipated 300 sequel/prequel 300:BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA. No cast has been officially confirmed but Heat Vision are reporting Legendary Pictures are to officially cast their female lead in the shape of Eva Green who will play the ruthless gold painted Goddess Artemisia. The film will take place roughly the same time period as 300 different location  in the battle of Artemisium with Themistocles leading The Greeks into war against Xerxes.

It was hoped that Joel Edgerton would take the role of Themistocles that offer was quickly refused, so Noam Murro is still looking for his general to lead the Allied Greek army. Artemisia the ruthless Goddess who persuades Xerxes to go into battle with the Greeks and if you know Green’s film choice she isn’t a stranger to the fantasy  sandal and sword flicks with Kingdom of Heaven,The Golden Compass 2 notable film choices.Zack Snyder is due to join the production team this time around  and with production due to start early next year we can assume the casting will be officially made very shortly, Eva Green can be next seen in Perfect Sense which is coming to DVD, BluRay January 30th  and she’ll be next seen on the big screen in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows  May 11th.

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