20 April 2024

Another Earth UK TV Spot

What if your life is falling to pieces, you ever wonder if the urban myth we all have a doppelgänger somewhere ever wondered if their life is just as bad? What if on a night a duplicate Earth was spotted leads to a tragic event which crosses your path with a accomplished composer? this is the basis of Mike Cahill’s ANOTHER EARTH which is due for release in UK&Ireland next Friday 9th December. The film has been picking up festival award’s left right and centre since Sundance Festival this year back in January a film that poses the question what if your life was bad and your Doppelgänger possible better what would you do?

Only way to do that is catch the film next week and look out for our review this coming week as well, for now thanks to Totalfilm here is a new TV Spot for your view pleasure. Another Earth stars Brit Marling(who also co-writes & produces the movie), William Mapother and Jordan Baker

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