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“Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na….Viral!!!” With Girl With The Dragon Tattoo pushing ahead with its intriguing  viral marketing it seems Christopher Nolan’s farewell flick of the rebooted Batman The Dark Knight Rises wants in on the thunder with its own viral campaign kicking off the past 24 hours. To various sources ‘leaked documents’ which appear to be from the CIA have been sent out first to Wired which had a doc with actor Alon Abutbul’s mugshot on it and documents concerning  a Dr leonid Pavel  but who is Dr Leonid Pavel(second doc from Empire)?

Obviously we don’t really know any of the plot or what’s actually happening plus still a veil of secrecy over some of the cast’s characters  too with now Alon Abutbul’s character. A few theories have been posted online as it looks like Pavel is looking for some form of  asylum but from who? Bane? Batman? Other suggestions that maybe Dr Pavel could be Dr Hugo Strange a character man believe Joseph Gordon Levitt could be as well but could he be another doctor ,Doctor Death? It’s all if’s and buts or gossiping but we are excited and really looking forward to 2012 as the campaign picks up, well do have the 6 minute footage coming with MI4 there’s also talk the actual first full trailermight not be far behind it, possibly as a new year’s treat for all!

So check out the docs, tell us what you think:

Now in the past hour or two Collider have posted a new document from @thefirerises the films viral twitter but what is ‘Operation 98H1’? could Dr Pavel be the person responsible for making Bane who he is ? Or is the Russian theme in these documents anything to do with the fact the 6 minute preview is been shown soon in front of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol? Both Empire and Wired have said the documents are connected to an upcoming event?mmm? At “”  there is a website with a countdown clock on it what will it reveal? more clues? is it the launch of the films official website or another viral site? All will be revealed tommorw!

*Update – December 19th –The New full trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Has arrived! Watch it here