March 25, 2023

Clive Owen Offered Villain Role In OLDBOY Remake?


If you’ve been following the Akira, Oldboy posts you’ll already know my personal views on the debate these films been remade or in Oldboy‘s case new adaptation of the Manga comic book(first film was not a complete adaptation of the book). We can argue to we’re all blue in the face it’s going to happen if we like it or not but looking at the project you can’t deny the cast Spike Lee is attempting create is nothing more than impressive. Oldboy Hollywood version has had its fair share of disappointments and this month’s confirmation from Colin Firth that he will not play the film’s villain I’m sure was a big blow to those involved. Lee does seem to want to have a British actor onboard to be that villain and Twitch are reporting its someone  whose worked with the director before, Clive Owen.

Owen worked with Spike Lee on the underrated Inside Man which is frankly the actor’s best work in a very longtime so the pair have a good working relationship. Owen has that charisma which he can smirk through a film with great ease, a very sophisticated  character actor but is the cast really the problem here, do we really care as we believe this should be made? If I don’t like something like this film be made  and loose I wont moan about it been unfair I’d rather see it then be made properly to make sure the film is worthwhile rather be the obvious cash cow. The concern is now the story, who is writing the story which we hope will do justice, Mark Protosevich  Cell poor, Poseidon drowned in badness, so it should be worrying times ahead! You maybe saying he wrote I Am Legend and Thor, He did but those films were co-written.

Clive Owen is versatile  and suits the more complex characters like in Oldboy plus he’ll be a good actor to face off with Josh Brolin too. I would love to know how darker can Oldboy get? According to Roy Lee the producer the new version will have new characters and will be darker , will Josh Brolin eat 2 live squids? Like any gossip nothing is concrete however the production for the film is due to start early next year so do expect confirmed casting to be announced very shortly.