13 April 2024

Watch ACTS OF GODFREY UK Trailer Starring Simon Callow, Harry Enfield


Acts Of Godfrey is a truly original new British film from writer/director Johnny Daukes which began as a poem, progressed into a story and then a full-length screenplay, making it the first feature film written entirely in verse. Described as a modern twist on Shakespeare, Acts Of Godfrey mixes humour with revenge, betrayal, love and magic. The result is a sharp and witty black comedy full of clever word play.

Opening at cinemas in January 2012, the unique and spirited script attracted a stellar British cast including Simon Callow, Harry Enfield, Celia Imrie and Doon Mackichan.

A country house hotel is the setting for a motivational course for successful selling ‘Win! Only Win!’. Godfrey (Simon Callow), sets the tone by informing us that we have no control over our lives and are merely his pawns in his own elaborate game.
The hapless Vic Timms (Iain Robertson), has been sent on this course by his employers in the hope that he’ll develop some killer instinct. Godfrey has decided that he’s going to reverse Vic’s losing streak with the ladies and get him to seal the deal with Mary MacDalen (Myfanwy Waring) the gorgeous and predatory estate agent.
Also on the course (run by one of Godfrey’s emissaries, Brad Angel) are the medical reps Terry (Ian Burfield) and Phil (Jay Simpson) who are pushing a drug that’s a combination of Viagra and coke called ‘Poke’. We also meet the geriatric conman Malcolm (Harry Enfield) and unwilling partner in crime, his dowdy Indian assistant Gita (Shobu Kapoor).
As night falls and drink is consumed, Godfrey makes Mary strike a wager with the blonde bombshell Jacqui (Doon Mackichan) that the two women can seduce Vic and the young boy-band manager Jamie (Michael Wildman).
The conference progresses, and like a twisted Agatha Christie novel, a web of connections is revealed and past actions crowd in on an increasingly suspenseful present.
The morning after however, brings a truly terrible surprise and a final twist that is literally devilish…

Acts of Godfrey (Guerilla Films) will be released at cinemas throughout the UK on 27thJanuary 2012. Check out The trailer, images and poster sent to our little brother site Cinehouse from Guerilla Films.

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