New Red Band TV Spot For YOUNG ADULT Starring Charlize Theron

Jason Reitman’s YOUNG ADULT has finally shown some r rated footage in a new red band tv spot released by Paramount Pictures. When you here about films that have a streak vulgarity or raunchiness you would assume you would see a glimpse of that ‘vulgar’footage but finally this new spot certainly does show that! Even better if you hate Twilight Charlize Theron’s character Mavis gives Esme Cullen(Elizabeth Reaser) a mouthful and I’m sure non twihards will enjoy this clip!

Charlize Theron stars as young adult author Mavis who return’s home alcoholic, damaged looking to recapture the heart of her former High school sweetheart who just happens to be married with Kids, but finds herself making an unlikely friendship with another old school collegue.YOUNG ADULT will be released in UK&Ireland February 10th 2012, with American film fans catching this on December 16th(limited on 9th), the film also stars Paton Oswalt, Elizabeth Reaser.

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