Despite a ‘trailer’ appearing online back in September late last night the official red band trailer for Ice Hockey comedy GOON appeared online. Goon stars Seann Scott William as a foul mouthed Ice Hockey and the term ‘goon’ is apparently a term for a muscle man of the team assuming thats the one that’s the hench man starts the fight, ‘takes it for the team’? As you’ll guess my knowledge of ice hockey is poor despite coming from a town which once was a force in British Ice Hockey. It seems its a film which will please hockey fans with loads of fights, Hockey talk and crude  jokes galore , its directed by David Drowse and stars  Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber, Alison Pil, Kim Coates and Eugene Levy. 

Doug Glatt is a gentle giant who’s lethal with his fists but reluctant to use them. That is, until he goes to a hockey game and flattens a visiting player. The next day, while appearing on a web chat show hosted by his best friend, Doug is scouted by the coach of the local minor-league team. Doug’s job? Beat up anyone who gets near Xavier Laflamme, a hotshot player afraid to touch the puck since a devastating hit from legend­ary enforcer  and Doug’s idol  Ross “The Boss” Rhea

No date set for UK&Ireland with Magnet Releasing releasing this one in USA February 24th 2012.