New Red Band SHAME Trailer That Makes Riding The Subway Sexy!

There might be 6 weeks to go until The UK Release of Steve McQueen’s SHAME but we’re the matter of days away from the North American release and Fox Searchlight have decided to fit in a new  red band trailer. 10 days ago we got a trailer with Carey Mulligan belting out a seductive version of New York New York which set the tone of the film but now a film that’s NC-17 which is similar to a 18 rating here in UK gets a red band trailer. My neighbouring city might have a bring little circular subway which is boring doesn’t go far but as this flick is based in New York City which is a maze of subways it might be confusing for outsiders but going by this trailer it’s damn sexy! Come on guys Michael Fassbender’s character is a sex addict! This trailer will certainly attract a few more bums on seats as it gives a little glimpse of the film’s sexy side, one tip this is strictly NSFW!

SHAME also stars James Badge Dale, Nicole Beharie and will be released in UK&Ireland January 13th 2012 and next month December 2nd for American fans.