No Monkeys Here Matthew Broderick! Todd Phillips Project X Invites You To Parrrr-ttay!

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When every second film coming out these days been a reboot, prequel or sequel you must have thought some one has remade the 1987 Matthew Broderick saving the monkey’s from science experiments, this Project X does have monkeys in it but ones of the spoiled variety. The Hangover director Todd Phillips produces this Nima Nourizadeh directed film which could be described as the found footage version of The Hangover spoilt middle class rich kids in a mysterious house party. It may have been fun to make but with a cast of unknowns in a birthday part they falls apart into a night of chaos, destruction and probably debauchery if  Phillips has produced this and found footage is the rage with film studios these days so the question is do people want to see spoilt brats drink themselves to death and destroy there surroundings? Or do you just want to save your cash and head down to your town centre and see the local youth population do it?

No word on this been released in UK&Ireland (hopefully not), but American fans can see it on March 2nd 2012.

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