New Blade Runner Likely to Be A Sequel – Ridley Scott

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Rarely when films are been remade or returning for the long awaited sequel/prequel do we see the original director returning to the helm but the summer just gone Ridley Scott dropped what many called a bombshell announcing he will return to Blade Runner.  Obviously the shock was first months before when Alcon Entertainment  announced they  are returning to the sci-fi classic but what don’t know just yet will it be a update, sequel, prequel, reboot. It now seems we know now  what the new Blade Runner is going to be and its came from the man who’ll direct it,Ridley Scott himself.

In a quote in  Wall Street Journal the director confirmed his involvement as well as the film is ‘likely to be a sequel’ but not continuing from the original story nor will it have any of the original cast including Harrison Ford. No script has been created either  but back in August Alcon did state a writer will be onboard in a matter of months but if Prometheus turns out to be a success dont be surprised a certain Damien Lindeloff gets the nod.

It is also looking like the new Blade Runner sequel will be the next film Scott will work on after Prometheus is complete which would mean production on this film would start around 2013 aiming for a 2014 release. As for Alien ‘Prequel’ I’m for a addition to the franchise as I believe the franchise is in need of closure but for Blade Runner I have mixed feelings for any need for further film, yes the original left some unanswered questions but for the integrity of classic films sometimes leaving those unanswered questions is the best way.