My Week With Marilyn Video Interviews- Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh

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After a  tragic death of someone I know a wise woman said to me  “real men cry” referring to those men who can’t show emotions aren’t true men. She was talking to me as it was my friends family who suffered the loss but my friend couldn’t shed a ear but I knew deep down he was hurting, now lets take this into film context Simon Curtis is certainly not scared to show his emotions when he recently saw Michelle Williams convincingly portray Marilyn Monroe.

My Week With Marilyn is directed by Simon Curtis starring Michelle Williams as the tragic actress Norma Jean better known by her stage persona Marilyn Monroe the film follows the memoirs of Sir Lawrence Oliver’s (Kenneth Branagh) assistantColin Clark(Eddie Redmayne) who was given the mammoth task of looking after the iconic actress whilst she lived in the UK whilst she was filming The Prince And Showgirl with Oliver (who was the director too) whom she had a temptress relationship with.

On November 25th My Week With Marilyn is due to be released in UK&Ireland and to celebrate the release of the film Below is video interviews with the cast starting with Michelle Williams on the script, playing the icon on what the audiences will take from the film along playing with Redmayne who also talks about working with Michelle Williams. Kenneth Branagh plays Sir Laurence Olivier talks about his role as Olivier, what he thought of Williams As Monroe. This is first part of 2 video interviews tomorrow we will watch the reminder of the interviews which include Simon Curtis the films director.