What Did The Muppets Do Before The New Film?

We may have a few months until The Muppets film arrives in UK&Ireland however over the other side of the Atlantic its Thanksgiving weekend and a important box office weekend with several big films been released this time with THE MUPPETS probably the biggest of the releases. The American marketing for the film has been fantastic with endless parody trailers, funny posters and even the start of the UK marketing has been good with a Bollywood parody as well as the orange mobile cinema advert thats running at the moment but what where they doing before the return to big screen?

Artist Steve Murray thinks The Muppets  that they auditioned for various film and TV roles which he has the proof. He has created these 2 fantastic posters/illustrations which show the Muppets in various guises from Kermit as  Ron Burgundy in Anchorman,Swedish Chef in The Kings Speech, My Favourite Beaker as Ghost Rider and Gonzo even  tried out for Avatar!

The Muppets will be released in UK& Ireland on February 10th 2012.
Source: National Post