16 April 2024

More Names In Testing D.J. Cotrona, Logan Marshall-Green, Toby Kebbell For Akira Testuo Role

Oh boy this is one film I’m not looking forward too AKIRA and I know I’m not alone when I say this shouldn’t be remade in the name of Hollywood destroying an iconic animation but most of all comic book reputation. There’s arguments that the animated version isn’t perfect actually sloppy but that’s debatable depending on your preferences and even if Juame Collet-serra pulls off a miracle apart from the film to be set in a post apocalyptic era with biker gangs the really only true connection to origins is the name. Obviously by now we have to accept Hollywood has there mucky paws on the story and it will be with us in next 2 plus years but if the reported budgets are true its going to be extremely difficult to create that post apocalyptic environment.

Now the casting for Akira has started the past month or two we’ve had a number of names mentioned for the main roles of the story. Kaneda the leader of the biker gang it’s looking at the moment it will go to Tron Legacy star Garrett Hedlund with Kei the main female lead possibly to Twilight’s Bella Kristen Stewart. Tomorrow and on Monday THR are reporting Testuo who is the friend Kaneda searches for only to find he kinetic powers are on the verge of detroying the world through Akira will hold test screenings for the part and several names have been connected:D.J. Cotrona ,Logan Marshal Green (Devil), Toby Kebbell ( Control),Richard Madden (Game of Thrones),Rami Malek (The Pacific),Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire),Paul Dano (Cowboys & Aliens), Alden Ehrenreich (Tetro).

Its hard to say if these names  are ideal for the part as we don’t really know what direction Warner Bros want to take this adaptation but looking at the casting been connected this is in all out blockbuster. I’m just disappointed that Ezra Miller name is not on this list possibly name out due to scheduling conflicts but he looked ideal especially after his superb performance in We Need To Talk About Kevin, a psychotic young man alot like but to choose from the list been mentioned I’ll probably say Paul Dano simply due to his stature to play the less physical looking but the  frustrated character simply due to Kaneda alway’s defending his friend (bullied since young) not letting Tetsuo who he can do it himself. It’s a really hard call as Im not familiar to a few of the names and picturing them in the part.

So are you like me just can’t fathom this story Americanized with Garrett Hedlund in lead role? If your looking forward or not love to hear your views below.

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