MONEYBALL Cast Video Interviews

Here is UK possibly in Ireland Football (Soccer to Americans)is the biggest supported sport but over the Atlantic our American cousins they have a various number sports that are bigger, so when a film arrives about Baseball you tread with caution. MONEYBALL was released this weekend starring Brad Pitt in a story about Billy Beane (Pitt) the man who became the Oakland A’s manager taking them from the depths of obscurity to become Major League Baseball’s most successful team building a team with no budget (something thats real today for many teams) and stats created by a Ivy Leaguer (Jonah Hill). I haven’t a clue about Baseball but Baseball slightly takes a backseat as this movie is a message of succeeding, taking on the system winning when things look bad proving a few changes here and there you can win! As for the sport this movie seems to have the same effect as The Fighter a good story wins over boxing, so to succeed in getting no sports fans interested in your film you need a great writer and Moneyball certainly has the pen power of Aaron Sonkin(The Social Network)!

So anyone looking for a ideal flick for Sunday afternoon, a film that’s not overpowering but a story of beating the system in a period of time when UK Government is destroying the fabric of our country MONEYBALL might be the ideal afternoon. Before you decide watch the cast video interviews, Moneyball stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill,Kathryn Morris, Philip Seymour Hoffman,Chris Pratt, Glenn Morshower, Brent Jennings, Arliss Howard and Robin Wright.