Meyrl Streep in THE IRON LADY In New UK Trailer & Poster

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As we approach end of 2011, start of 2012 the big hitters will those films looking for Oscar Glory will arrive and Oscars, Meryl Streep in the same sentence is a recipe for success. Today the official full UK theatrical trailer  as well as new poster for The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher one of UK’s most revered leaders in British politics. Its ironic that the right wing ass-kissing  newspaper The Daily Mail are the source for this trailer.

I was asked to give my views on Margaret Thatcher  Iron Lady to a local newspaper but been Scottish, working class (proud of it) how could I lie to the paper about the woman who destroyed the fabric of Scotland, Northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland making Britain a virtual Ghost land something the current regime is doing . Its going to be a hard uncomfortable watch when the film arrives, just hopePhyllida Lloyd (Mama Mia)protray’s the true face of Thatcher the dictator who made Britain a ghostland in 1980’s making the rich filthy rich making it virtually illegal to be working class.  If I was to be positive in any way about Thatcher she stood up for her unpopular believes took, she could be number one in a time when  male chauvinism  dominated politics ,becoming one of the most feared  female leader worldwide.

Fantastic cast in this film Richard E GrantOlivia ColmanNicholas Farrell, Susan Brown, Roger AllamAnthony Head and John Sessions.The Iron Lady will be released in UK&Ireland January 6th 2012.

THE IRON LADY tells the compelling story of Margaret Thatcher, a woman who smashed through the barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated world. The story concerns power and the price that is paid for power, and is a surprising and intimate portrait of an extraordinary and complex woman.

UPDATE: 17/ 11/2011 A big thanks to Pathe/20th Century Fox who have just sent us our own copy of the trailer!thanks!