16 April 2024

Lionsgate To Merge With Summit Entertainment?

No matter where in the world you are this global recession is effecting us all, myself been hunting for work since January with only one failed interview to my name (which happened to be 2 weeks ago). So I’m not as shocked when I hear about big names going bust or in the case of this story 2 film studio’s looking to possibly merge, Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment.

TheWrap is reporting Lionsgate & Summit are having that long overdue talk about merging but if you follow the news the pair have tried this before but due to differences in pricing as well as control issues that talk fell apart, So why again? Lionsgate are on the verge of  releasing what looks likely to be the next big thing in franchises with The Hunger games in March and Summit Entertainment are the studio behind the Twilight Saga franchise  ending which has just broke the $500million  box office with Breaking Dawn Part 1 both in need of welcomed cash injection. It was learned recently for follow up films for The Hunger Games to be made Lionsgate must earn at least $100million at the box office  and whatever you think of The Twilight Saga the four films already released have raked in over $1billion so the timing is perfect for both companies giving one more films the over a nice cash injection.

The Hunger Games franchise is untested on the big screen so no matter how successful the books have been, there’s no guarantee the films will succeed and both studio’s with debts between $500-750million  respectively.In perspective  Both studios aren’t the big players in the film making but you can’t deny they can pull in some big names into the films they release and this merger may just make them have a bigger say in the Hollywood stakes. The report also goes onto to say there is other suitors especially involved in the Summit Entertainment side of things but as these are only talks at moment or possibly more gossip no names of who they are been revealed at this stage.

So what do you think of The Merger? Will it be good for Hollywood or the companies involved? Love to hear your views on the subject.

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