“Hi Im A Sex Addict….” American Trailer & Clip For Steve McQueen’s Shame

Every year great films grace the film festivals around the world and every day we hear great things building a buzz about the film upping the anticipation level to sometimes to extraordinary levels. But there sometimes a question that sweeps around the cinephiles of the world “when will that film be released in my town?” Steve McQueen’s Shame is one of those films many cinephiles are asking when is it arriving? January 13th the film will arrive in UK&Ireland but on December 2nd the film will arrive in USA and today Fox Searchlight released the American trailer.

I don’t know if the UK release has a certificate just yet but the film has caused a little stir in some camps as its received a NC-17 rating which is equivalent of 18 and when you as well as hear some of the dialogue in some films lower its rare to see flicks get a high rating. In this trailer we only get a few snapshots of the nudity  but life can be a fragile path for some individuals and from what we’ve read about from this film Michael Fassbender’s character  Brandon is a fragile person with no control just chaos in his life, just sex and on a downward spiral of destruction when his sister (Carey Mulligan) arrives on the scene. What is exciting people is the fact McQueen and Fassbender are working together again for the first time since Hunger the film that kick started Fassbender’s career, the trailer certainly portrays the downward spiral effectively making us all excited here at The Peoples Movies  eager to see the film when its released in January!

Below the trailer is an extended film clip from the film which shows Fassbender’s character involved in something with a woman which is not having sex for her. Shame  also stars James Badge Dale with the film been released January 13th 2012.


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