Happy Birthday! The Peoples Movies is 3 Years Old Today!!!

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Tonight the people’s champ The Rock return’s to hallowed ring in the first time in 7 years competing layeth the smacketh down on some jabroni’s backside, but 3 years ago today one cold morning at Reid Kerr College The Peoples Movies was born! Today marks another fantastic milestone in the website’s history as we celebrate the site’s 3rd birthday and I’ll be honest i’m over whelmed by the site’s amazing progress not just from 2008 but every birthday since.

2011 has been a amazing experience progression has been fast fantastic also frustrating from the early days of  very few posts, limited ability and this year moving to a new host giving us a opportunity to things we never had when we became a dot.com.The site has a long way to go to get near perfection, but then again its a every day it’s a learning curve and we can only do our best! Of course the Peoples Movies wouldn’t have got to where it is today without the help of  my 6 hard working team members Pierre, Dexter,Goncalo, Harry, Mike, Chris who have worked their socks off for the Peoples Movies, sacrificing free time passionate about film and I can’t stop thanking them, the  site wouldn’t be here without them. We must n’t forget the new team members Andrew and Sophie who may have only been onboard a few weeks but your effect joining The People’s Movies has been brilliant so a big thank you!

Would you like to join the The Peoples Movies /Cinehouse team? We’re always looking for new team members go to preview screenings, attend film festivals, interview stars, post news, fancy joining the team? Passionate about film? Im about to do a new call for team members watch out for that post or head over to contributions

I mustn’t forget David at Heyuguys, who has helped the site progress his tips have helped immensly and Heyuguys have also celebrated a recent birthday too happy birthday guys! I must ‘nt forget the most important people, you guys! A big thank you for everyone who has read the posts, reviews, articles, watched the trailers, posted a comments, entered competitions please keep supporting us! Its a experimental time for The Peoples Movies we’re currently working improving the look of the site so things may change time by time  so big thanks for your patience but hopefully 2012 everything wil be settled and this time next year we will be talking about 4th birthday!

Stay tuned as we have 3 competitions coming up for Sarah’s key dvds, take shelter umbrellas and Tales of the the darkside subscriptions!