Garret Hedlund In Talks To Star In Akira?


I’ve always be very opened about remakes, prequels and sequels especially if they where films which felt technology did not merit original or worthy of a second chance. But in this time when everything is remakes I have to draw the line on some films simply for the integrity of the original 2 future films confirmed to be made fall under that category that’s Spike Lee’s remake of Old Boy and the Live action version of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic cyberpunk anime Akira. Both films legendary both films that would impossible to recreate magic which frankly to  only line the pockets of the film studio fat cats with gold and feed the laziness of those people who call themselves film fans but wont read subtitles.

After a few years in limbo we now know Unknown director Jaume Collett-Serra has the impossible task of recreating Akira into live action already gossip is spreading that Gary Oldman, Helena Boham Carter are rumoured to be in line for The Colonel and Lady Miyako parts but now tonight we another character Kaneda.  Variety are reporting Tron:Legacy star Garret Hedlund is on talks to play the lead role of Kaneda the leader of the biker gang whose friend he must save from the telekentic experiments the government are doing on him. So is Hedlund’s name anymore scarier than Zac Efron which was mention when talk of this project appeared? If your like me a fan you are panicing? Out of the time this project has been under the spotlight of Hollywood no one has ever asked what does the original Japanese fans of Akira think?

Like how David Fincher respecting the origins of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo he uses the original location as well as characters Akira if its to be made should be set in Tokyo but we know Hollywood elite wont allow it for the sake of $$$. Steve Cloves who has a task of writing the script thinks he has all the fans of the original at ease as the story is virtually similar he’s forgetting the small matter his version is in Neo Manhattan not Neo Tokyo!

Are we been unfair on the young actor? Possibly but Akira is a treasured masterpiece which shouldn’t be touched, Hedlunds previous films like Country Strong, Georgia Rule haven’t been favourable but maybe our opinions may change as he’s play Dean Moriarty in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road which is a fantastic character to play, that film is out 2012. I think the general consensus with Akira fans we couldn’t care less if you had Oscar winning best actors in all the roles, Akira should never be remade, we should embrace the anime nothing less nothing more.

What’s your views on this fiasco?