Ezra Miller and Alden Eherenreich Wanted for Tetsuo in Akira

If your like me not looking forward to the prospect of Hollywood destroying the reputation of Katsuhiro Otomo and the icon Manga/Anime Akira, the gossip of the past few weeks has been painful. Unknown director Jaume Collett-Serra now confirmed no matter how loud we shout sadly this film looks like it will be made like it or not so now the focus is on who will star on the film. The first gossip had Gary Oldman, Helena Boham Carter to play the roles of The Colonel and Lady Miyaki, Friday we told you Garret Hedlund was been considered for Kaneda but yesterday THR broke some news of recent or upcoming cast testings and Akira happen to one those films.

Kaneda is the leader of  the biker who is looking for his friend Tetsuo who is the subject to the government telekentic experiments and its that role that gossip s focused on with  Ezra Miller and Alden Eherenreich the latest names connected. After watch the We Need To Talk About Kevin Ezra Miller certainly looks made for that part of Tetsuo a twisted unsettling role and that terrifying glare  he would be the ideal candidate.Eherenreich is like Miller making his way up the acting ladder starting with independent films with his break coming in Tetro a film made by Frances Ford Coppola  and we can assume the backing of the Coppola family, the young actor was also in the running for Marc Webb’s Amazing Spiderman the role won by Andrew Garfield.

One other rumour that also surfaced other the past few days was Keira Knightley been connected with really the only part she would be Kay who is a counter revolutionary he gets embroiled into search eventually becoming a love interest to Kaneda. Not really much to say on this gossip but with Hedlund 27, Knightley 25 the part of Tetsuo seems to be connected to a actor 5 to 6 years younger though Kaneda and Tetsuo are same age  makes you wonder what other changes Akira will have apart from not been set in Neo Tokyo? To be honest fans like myself  are at a stage we don’t really care who is connected to the roles its the pain of seeing our beloved animation between torn apart.

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