5 New TV Spots For J Edgar

Earlier this afternoon 6 new clips from Clint Eastwood’s J Edgar were post and as promised below is 5new tv spots for the same film. Leonardo Di Caprio plays the face of American Law Enforcement, the founder, first president of FBI, Hoover was feared , admired, reviled and revered by many people not just around the world but also in his own country.  But behind closed doors, he held secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career , his life, and a secretive crossdresser as well as many believe a closest homosexual man who many people believed had secret laisons with his number 2 at FBI Clyde Toulson.

If you live over the big pond in USA you will get a chance to see the film this coming Wednesday 9th November for the rest of us here in UK &Ireland we have have to wait until January 20th 2012. J Edgar also stars Armie HammerNaomi Watts, Josh Lucas, Jeffrey Donovan, Ed Westwick, Judi Dench. 


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