The First (International) Trailer For Chinese Oscar Contender Epic The Flowers Of War Starring Christian Bale

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Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers Of War Chinese Trailer has debuted online, the film stars Christian Bale and will be China’s Oscar contention for the next Oscars in early 2011. Bale shot this film in China pre The Dark Knight Rises and tells the story of a Jesuit priest in pre world war 2 Nanking city  when Japan invaded China in 1937  a group of schoolgirls are joined by 13 prostitutes as they take refuge in the city’s cathedral. Some people especially those in west are surprised at the grand scale of the production you could say in epic proportions that Steven Spielberg would be proud to do , some even calling this  A Chinese Saving Private Ryan with sizeable portion of Wu xia  style very gritty with some fantastic cinematography. As for surprised in the size of The Flowers Of War, Im not at all probably because of Cinehouse which showcases world cinema plus Yimou’s filmography includes Hero, House Of The Flying Daggers plus he was the director involved in Beijing’s recent Olympics (a task that Danny Boyle will be in charge of for next years London Olympics).

No word on a UK or Irish release date but as this film has one of Hollywood’s biggest names it’s certain this film will get some sort of cinematic run in 2012, Chinese release is set for December 16th. If your worried about having to read subtitles about half of the film will be in English it is China’s most expensive film at $96 (£79) million!

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