Sony’s Film “Two Worlds” showcases 3D technology

The Good Folks at Sony have been in touch with The Peoples Movies sending us this fantastic short film “Two Worlds” showcasing Sony’s 3D Technology. The film is directed by Arev Manoukian and features Leonard Cohen with the soundtrack composed by Clint Mansell (Black Swan), the film is inspired by the directors short film Nuit Blanche check out ‘Two Worlds’ below along with a behind the scenes featurette looking at how they made the film,enjoy!

Sony challenged advertising agency, GREY London, to show off the power of their range of 3D goodies – something spectacular that could compete with the best from Hollywood. Not too much pressure then?

Most 3D work we see is high octane – cars flying out of TV screens, explosions and dizzying action sequences– definitely nothing that pulls on the old heart strings. But, GREY reasoned, if 3D can project a story out into your world – can’t it also pull you in? Can 3D make you feel something deeper than 2D ever could? What would a classic love story be like, told in 3D? What they needed was something really heart-warming – something like the soulful beauty of a Leonard Cohen poem, married with the powerful, visual romance of Arev Manoukian’s short film, “Nuit Blanche”. Simple (!)

GREY London approached Arev with a view to taking the power and beauty of Nuit Blanche to a new level, creating a world first in 3D advertising with Sony. Arev’s ambitions matched GREY’s own – just making an ad wasn’t enough. They wanted to create something larger that would really land in popular culture as a piece of entertainment.

And larger than life it was the film production. Armed with 1500 frames of meticulously planned pre-viz, the team headed to Toronto for 5 days of filming at 2500fps under a million watts of light. After shooting, the footage was sent to the masterful post-production house, Digital Domain, of Transformers and fame. It was here the buildings, cars and other set elements were sculpted in CGI and 3D and the stunning backgrounds were created from scratch.

As for the narration, Leonard Cohen loved Arev’s work, and the level of originality and beauty in the project drew him in. He adapted his original poem ‘That’s What I Heard You Say’ and read it over the stunning score from Oscar winning composer (Black Swan) Clint Mansell. The triumvirate was complete, the first foray into advertising for them all; and so emerged Sony‘s 3D short film, Two Worlds.

The piece uses the power of romance and outstanding 3D cinematography to evoke a profound emotional reaction from viewers. “Sony Two Worlds is about the irresistible urge to get closer to the things that you love, to get nearer to make them more real,” says Nils Leonard, Executive Creative Officer at GREY London.