Shawn Levy To Direct Pinocchio Prequel..The Three Misfortunes Of Geppetto?


I haven’t seen Reel Steal yet but I know its had a mix bag of review though more leaning toward a surprising film as a lot of critics expectations to be  a failure a bonus to any director like Shawn Levy. Yesterday Night In The Museum 2 Premiered on Channel 4 a really enjoyable family film brought back memories of my time in China where I first watched the film, but Real Steel surprising so many people its no surprise Fox want him to be at the helm for their next big concept film based on The Pinocchio prequel.

The studio have picked up the script for The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto, by Michael Vukadinovich according to Deadline which they say is a “a fresh way into the Pinocchio story.” a film which is something between Big Fish and The Princess Bride. The story will follow Geppetto Pinocchio’s creator (the wooden puppet who wanted to be a boy), following his journey for his one true love Julia Moon.  So how does Pinocchio’s elderly ‘father’ become the hero of this? Nothing is really revealed, possibly Vukadinovich has created an original piece  or having the Pinocchio connection was the only means for this script to become reality.

Shawn Levy’s production team will be producing this when they have a free slot which could not be for another few years as Levy is signed up to direct another Frankenstein another one of those films Hollywood loves to destroy using their  favourite saying ‘re-imaging’

source Deadline