June 8, 2023

New UK Machine Gun Preacher Poster


I remember 3 weeks ago have a chat with a good friend about true stories that become film, as any sane person knows the key part when promoting a’ based on a true story’ or ‘inspired by true events’  the key words are based and inspired. The core of the story will be true but it’s in true Hollywood tradition to sensationalise it for the sake of entertainment which sometimes is an insult especially in a story of survival, so the point of our little chat was to do with Killer Elite but my friend brought up this movie Machine Gun Preacher starring  Gerard Butler.

Butler plays  Sam Childers   a true life  former violent drug dealer turn aid worker cleaning up his act heading to Sudan finding himself picking up a gun to protect the children been kidnapped by a local warlord who wants them to be in his army. We all agree the story of redemption is true  but some of the action scenes Butler is involved in will be the sensationalised part but he has found God and Im sure the use of guns, violence even though protecting children will have many Christians ‘up in arms’ but sometimes you have got to act/think like your enemy to achieve the goals!

Lionsgate have sent us a new UK Quad poster along with some images from the film some have been seen before but no harm in checking them out again along with the UK Trailer which arrived last month. Machine Gun Preacher also stars Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon and will arrive in UK&Ireland on November 2nd.

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