New The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Viral Video Arrives but Is There A Hidden Message Within?



Now we’ve had a fair share of provocative trailers and loads of international magazine shoots now we get some viral footage from David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which is a little different from what we’ve had from this film, still intriguing stuff.This new viral comes from the film’s ‘unofficial’ webpage and its been done in a ‘Super8’ cine8 style which has the orginal bridge where the Vanger’s 40 year mystery started and if your familiar with the books or Noomi Rapace flick you’ll know this bridge is important to the story. There’s no sound to the video but there’s a general consensus there is a hidden message in this video as when you look at the video on Youtube one of the tags says ‘look closer’? There is also’ wihis’  could that mean ‘what is hidden in the snow’?Have a look guys and if you can see something let us know post your finding in the comments!

Here’s a basic  reminder of the films story:  Daniel Craig plays ‘disgraced’  investigative journelist Mikael  Blomkvist who just lost a legal case with someone whose he was investigating is hired by Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer), patriarch of a family who have some very nasty dark secrets to investigate the murder of Henrik’s niece Harriet a murder thats haunted Henrik for 40 years or more. Eventually  Blomkvist joins forces with hacker researcher Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) who both work on the mystery unveiling  even more complicated dark secrets.

source Mouth-Taped-Shut