LIFF 2011: Dont Mess With These Girls In Trailer For SKET !

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There seems to be something about London Gangland culture and British film’s especially the independent films. Usually the films are full of tough guy dressed like something straight out of Guy Ritchie film (well he re-vitalised the sub genre??!) or hooded gangs with their own dialect. In Nirpal Bhogal’s directorial début SKET its not the boys who are having the fun its the girls and check out below the new trailer released by Revolver UK.

Sket is a intense gripping drama which is capturing the current trend of female gangs, the film is also a showcase for up and coming urban artists to. Problem I have with these movies is there all the same and seem to glorify gang culture but Sket is going to appear at this year’s London Film Festival and if anyone knows they don’t pick any tom, dick or harry so there is potential and a interesting film on the horizon too. Hopefully something fresh and hopefully different from the rest of the typical UK gangland films.

SKET stars Lily Loveless (Skins), Emma Hartley-Miller, Ashley Walters and introducing Aimee Kelly, with the movie getting a limited release cinematically from October 28th in UK&Ireland before it heads for a general DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Sixteen-year-old Kayla faces the harsh London streets of gangland culture for the first time. Her mother already dead, her only protector and loving elder sister Tanya is one day brutally murdered by violent gang leader Trey.
Now alone, and not knowing where to turn, she finds refuge and acceptance in a girl gang led by the damaged, man-hating Danielle. She enlists the gang’s help to get retribution for the murder of her beloved sister. Vengeance is now Kayla’s motive, and she will stop at nothing until Trey is brought to justice.