Let’s Say Hello To Chuck Norris In First Image Of The Cult Star On The Expendables 2 Set

Looking back to Summer 2010 If I was to be honest I enjoyed The Expendables more than I enjoyed Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, probably because I knew what I was getting a no brainer action packed flick with the action hero’s from the 1980’s childhood. So I wasn’t surprised when the second film came on the horizon with the rumours starting only weeks after the first film was released and even now October 2011 with the filming under way we’re still hearing this actor that actor is joining or not joining.

We know majority of the original cast are back minus Mickey Rourke with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis also back to reprise their cameo characters but this time it will be longer than the two minutes from film 1. So whose the new ‘kids’ on the block? If your calling any of the cast ‘kids’ its really only Liam Hemsworth as the rest of the cast are touching 40 or over, Liam is joined by Scott Adkins, Jean Claude Van Damme and yes all bow for Chuck Norris!

Remember kids you are now in the presence of martial arts/action royalty the man who kicked a baby elephant into puberty, the man whose stare could kill a 100 ninjas!His involvement as well JCVD’s involvement has been shrouded in secrecy not with rumours non stop is he or isn’t he and below is the evidence yes he is involved as you’ll see from the image which has Chuck with Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren posing with some crew in a nice photo. Now we need one of JVCD! But will the newbies be joined by 2 more action wannabe’s in the shape of John Travolta and Donnie Yen but we also know there wont be a third as Antonio Banderas has declined the offer to join the cast due to scheduling conflicts.

The principal photography is underway over in Bulgaria with the film aiming for a August 17th 2012 release date.