Craig Gillespie Waves Goodbye To Pride & Prejudice And Zombies As The Troubled Project Looses Another Director

Craig Gillespie  Waves Goodbye To Pride & Prejudice And Zombies As The Troubled Project Looses Another Director

I know when I was young or even nowdays If you have a dream never give up whatever is thrown in front of you, it will happen if you perceiver. however if something isn’t working no matter how much passion, hard work you pump into it sometimes the best thing to do is call it a day and leave with you head high and this is what Pride & Prejudice And Zombies should do after the latest setback. News broke last night online that Fright Night Director Craig Gillespie has left the film for the troubled Seth Grahame-Smith novel adaptation, its been riddled with people coming onboard then suddenly leaving and now many are calling for this project to call it a day.

Deadline are reporting Gillespie left ‘amicably’ and its believed the reason the director has left was due to casting issues. If you’ve been following the progress (or lack of) this film the trouble actually started with Natalie Portman pulling out of the lead role but staying onboard as producer then Mike White came onboard but scheduling conflicts forced him off, before him we had David O Russell and eventually Gillespie who came onboard in April. But the talk of Gillespie leaving appeared online in August however Lionsgate where quick on the mark to debunk the gossip but when Blake Lively said no to playing Elizabeth Bennett it was quoted the  director wouldn’t wait any longer himself.

The story doesn’t give really any clues what’s next for the project? There has been talk for a while tha Grahame Smith may co-direct with David Katzenberg  but as Deadline point out Lionsgate are looking at getting a package sorted for an agency to get them the cast and director. As for the script it looks like the original script made for David O Russell is still the one Lionsgate want to use with possible rewrites by Marti Noxon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer). For this project to even attempt to get into  production maybe they should wait until Summer 2012 when Seth Grahame Smiths other mashed up hit Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter is due out with Benjamin Walker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, if that does the job at the box office it could spark off this one? One thing I hope Lionsgate don’t do is go to Paul WS Anderson, he may have just made a mashed up film in The Three Musketeers but Pride &Prejudice is in enough mess to be turned into a bigger mess!

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