Could James Bond 23 be light on the action For the sake of a Oscar?

James Bond espionage, mi6 ,fast cars, technology challenging guns & gadget, sexy exotic women, Russians, Martini on the rocks and of course action these are some of the  things that I associate when talking about James Bond. What if we where to take out one of those attributes  of what makes up a Bond film it would be like asking a bricklayer to build a wall but he can’t use any mortar, it’s crazy however a rumour has appeared online today that James Bond 23 maybe action free! are claiming that Sam Mendes is to test the patience of the loyal fan base of the franchise by either  stripping the action of the long awaited 23 rd film or even go as far as having no action at all! If the latter was the case it would defeat the purpose of Craig’s recent stunts in India which apparently has annoyed the local government officials however when you look at the cast that Mendes is bringing into the Bond world Javier Bardem and possibly Ralph Fiennes it’s obvious he has Oscars in mind. If this is the case he will be aiming for a more refined dramatic storyline  and with the directors previous films he has already knows what’s expected to get one of those little golden trophies and Bond franchise has won won oscars but only in the technical categories with the cast been ignored so that could change.

So no action in a Bond film will it happen? Probably not  even if there aiming for Oscar Glory and the Oscar judge panel will be looking for the traditional trimmings expected from a Bond film with Mendes  stamping his own styling but does James Bond suit  a dialogue driven film like American Beauty? If there is truth behind this story James Bond 23 or Skyfall as rumours are calling it  it will be most experimental film to date for the franchise, intriguing stuff and with the commercial failure of Quantum of Solace is on the back of their minds proving they want to make this work.

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