One in five Brits infuriated by their partner’s viewing habits

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The launch of a whole host of new digital film and TV services in the last year – LOVEFiLM’s iPad App and Crackle’s iPhone App, as well as App’s for many of the most popular TV catch up services – is fuelling a trend for watching film and TV whenever, wherever on small screen devices.

While cinema, DVDs and Blu-rays are still the most popular ways to watch, 1 in 3 Brits (35%) now regularly watch film and TV on a small screen device. This trend is even more pronounced amongst 18-24 year olds three-quarters of whom (75 percent) regularly watch films or TV programmes on their small screen devices.

But it can also land us in trouble with our other halves! According to research conducted for more than one in five (22 per cent) Brits are infuriated by their partners’ small screen etiquette (or lack of it!).

The most annoying viewing habit attributed by wives and girlfriends to the rise in popularity of small screen gadgets was their partners not listening to them when they’re trying to talk about something important, closely followed by poor bedroom behaviour. But it’s not just in the bedroom that our small screen devices are getting us into trouble with our partners. According to survey, the top five viewing habits that drive wives and girlfriends crazy are:

Their partners watching film or TV:
1. When they’re trying to talk to them about something important
2. In bed when they’re trying to sleep
3. When they’re socializing with friends
4. When they’re visiting the in-laws
5. When they’re meant to be out shopping together

Liz Bales from, said:
While a trip to the cinema or settling down on the sofa with a DVD or Blu-ray remain the nation’s favourite ways to watch, there’s an increasing demand for film and TV on the go too.

The growing number of legit digital ways to watch, from affordable cloud services such as Blinkbox, to ad-funded streaming services like Crackle, mean it’s now possible to watch your favourite film or TV show anytime, anywhere, whether you’re avoiding the in-laws or taking a break from shopping with your other half.”