American Trailer For Ralph Fiennes Coriolanus

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Like all classic things as I like to call them William Shakespeare is becoming a popular figure again with a number of his plays/ stories based on him been adapted for the big screen,Roland Emmerich this month will attempt to prove Shakespeare was a hoax  in Anonymous a movie which will make its UK Premier in next week’s London Film Festival, the other Shakespearian film is Ralph Fiennes  directorial debut feature Coriolanus. Nowday’s tinseltown is full of nonsense and alot of younger people forget about the classic literature that kicked off alot of film and I commend anyone attempting to make the classic stories contemporary like Coriolanus  but the problem is, will it work and will fans already faithful to the original still like what they see?

So what about the film itself Fiennes also stars in the titular role as Caius “Coriolanus” Martius a hero of Rome but also a feared general who refuses to integrate with the current system finding himself ousted by the people from the city.Determined to seek on the city he dearly loves Coriolanus must ally himself with his nemesis Tullus Aufidius  (Gerard Butler) to gain revenge on those people who banished him. It’s action packed so action fans will enjoy this along with fans of the bard’s works a film you may like to see for free on October 16th?

Coriolanus is part of the London Film Festival in which it’ll make it’s UK Premier well before it’s released here in UK&Ireland on January 20th 2012 and in association with Jameson and Lionsgate UK we have a pair of tickets for you to win and CLICK HERE to go to the post to enter. Coriolanus stars also Vanessa Redgrave playing the titular characters mother and already critics talking about a possible Oscar nod, she is also joined by Jessica Chastain, Brian Cox and James Nesbitt.