May 28, 2023

UK trailer for Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler


The Good people at Lionsgate UK have sent over the Official UK Trailer for Machine Gun Preacher the new drama-thriller starring  Gerard Butler. The movie sees Butler play Sam Childers   a true life  former violent drug dealer turn aid worker cleaning up his act heading to Sudan finding himself picking up a gun to protect the children been kidnapped by a local warlord who wants them to be in his army.

If you like your action films but want something a little different say with a bit of heart maybe this one could do the trick, but this is true Hollywood at its best a real life story and they probably over sensationalise it for all the sake of entertainment. A person sacrificing his old life going into a volatile country and helping more needy person is worthy of any film as we know gun don’t solve peace, however the type a character Childers is using guns is his only means sometimes you have to break conventions.

This new UK trailer does slightly expand on the previous American trailer, its powerful stuff  so check out the trailer now! Machine Gun Preacher also stars Michael Shannon (who is competing with Joseph Gordon Levitt to be in everything), Michelle Monaghan with Marc Forster directing. Movie out November 4th.

MACHINE GUN PREACHER is based on the true story of Sam Childers (Gerard Butler in a tour de force performance), a violent, drug-dealing biker whose faith leads him on a path to East Africa, where he finds his true calling as a machine gun-wielding protector of hundreds of refugee children.Following a brutal incident, Sam’s loyal wife Lynn (Michelle Monaghan) encourages him to turn to God and he resolves to change the course of his life. Renouncing his hell-raising ways, Sam journeys to Sudan as a missionary to help with the relief effort, leaving his best friend Donnie (Michael Shannon) to take care of his wife and daughter. There, he witnesses the atrocities that the locals endure at the hands of the vicious Lord’s Resistance Army. Villages are razed to the ground, women are raped and children are kidnapped and forced to serve as child soldiers. Horrified by what he sees, Childers becomes an avenging angel set on protecting the innocent. Inspired to create a safe haven for the multitudes fleeing enslavement he restores peace to their lives and, eventually, his own.

MACHINE GUN PREACHER is directed by Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Quantum of Solace, World War Z) and stars Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen, Coriolanus), Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone, Somewhere, Source Code) and Oscar®-nomineeMichael Shannon (Revolutionary Road, Take Shelter, Man of Steel). The film features Souleymane Sy Savane (Goodbye Solo) in a breakout performance as Childers’ right-hand man, Deng. The film is produced by Relativity’s Robbie Brenner, Safady Entertainment’s Gary Safady and Craig Chapman, and GG Filmz’s Deborah Giarratana, with Gerard Butler as Executive Producer.

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