The Walking Dead To Get Own Web Series To Launch Before Season 2

It might be the end of the summer now Autumn so some people might be a little sad however as the seasons crossover there is a little glimmer of sunshine awaiting on television as October and to be more precise October 21st the long awaited return of The Walking Dead Season 2! If 3 weeks is too long away from your Zombie fix next week Octber 3rd  over at  AMC the American broadcaster of the series (FX is UK/Irish broadcaster) are to air online a 6 part web series which will be based on one character we meet in the pilot episode in season 1 Hannah  (Lilli Birdsell) the infamous ‘Bicycle Girl’ we see Grimes (Andrew Lincon) put out of her misery  as she was a walker, in this series it will follow her from human throught the stages on how she becomes a walker one of the billions of The walking dead.

The series is to go on live Monday October 3rd and it’s 2pm American time however I dont know if thats west coast USA which means GMT time will 10pm or eastern USA time which means its 7pm, if your American and can let us know leave messege in comments because would be greatful, as well as will British/Irish viewers be able to watch the webisodes at AMC.


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