The Australian Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) Makes Fun At BBFC (Rightly So)

Its a crazy world that a film thats now been played constantly on Movies 24, sometimes Syfy channel with virtually no cuts that but the follow up was refused…Human Centipede. Even reading the movies plot  of 3 kneecapped  victims surgically sewn together mouth to anus is enough to wind up potential viewers but I thought that was the purpose of horror movies?

As we know now BBFC have banned the movie  which will make fans of the first movie or those curious to go underground watch it illegal ways, but this is perfect fodder for other countries who seem to be lining up to pick this movie up making a mockery ogf the so called liberal BBFC. First to have a go is the Australians and Monster films who have released a teaser trailer taking a pop at the problems the movie has been facing and now the American’s will release the movie but with heavy cuts which is sounding like it probably should ban too as the word is the cuts are extreme.

As for the teaser there’s no footage and is probably the closest anyone in the UK will get to the second movie.


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