Rooney Mara To Be Spike Lee’s Female Lead In Oldboy Remake?

It’s looking likeif your going to remake (or make) a dark twisted movie Rooney Mara is your girl for that lead female part . From been terrorised in her sleep by Freddy Kruegar, to Fincher’s vision of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it’s looking like it will be a trio of dark bleak movies as it looks like she’s about to join Spike Lee’s Oldboy Remake!

Twitch are reporting the young actress is to play the female lead in the movie which will have Josh Brolin plays Joe (Dae-su Oh in the original) a man kidnapped on his daughter’s birthday only to be imprisoned, tortured for 15 years with no reason. When he’s released  he embarks on a journey to find out why plus who kept him captive only to find out the journey to find his captors is turning out to be worse than his imprisonment. Oldboy is essentially a cult classic, a surreal, absurd masterpiece which you cant really fathom as a Hollywood flick, its certainly raised some animosity towards the remake  as there’s a few movies out there should be  never be remade and Oldboy is one of them.

Lee & Brolin does feel a better pairing  and more logical choice than Spielberg &Will Smith as the latter feels to blockbuster and with Lee you can expect the unexpected and he’s not scared to get down and dirty as well. It also seems  this new version will be based more on the Manga rather than the original Korean film  version as they both have different endings which is frankly a nasty low blow to original director Chan-wook Park, a script to be written by I Am Legend scribe Mark Protosevich.

There is only a few sites out there who have been spot on with their sources and Twitch is one of them as they told us Spike Lee will direct with Josh Brolin playing lead role so we wont brush off the gossip about Mara’s connection just yet however if things are true it could be a long time before any production starts. After a stressful long shoot with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the young actress may take some time off  for R&R plus Brolin has The Gangster Squad film to finish them work on Jason Reitman’s Labour Day. As for Spike Lee he has a small matter of Red Hook Summer to make before he even set’s eyes on Old Boy which will probably be this time next year.

There hasn’t been any further word on Christian Bale taking up the role as the movies villian just yet and as for Mara’s involvement is very rough as she’s been ‘targeted’ so its hard to say she’s in talks or not.

source Twitch