Rihanna Needs Her Umbrella in A Behind The Scenes Look At Battleship

When it comes to marketing a particular movie especially the big budget blockbusters the trailers come first, then the tv spots, clips and usually Featurettes are some of the last things we see or at least half way through the promotion but but 9 months before the movie set to be released it is a tad unusual. Peter Berg’s (Hancock)Battleship  based on the popular board which is now become alien invasion and back in July we got a first look the movie and tonight Entertainment Tonight give us some new footage with a new featurette introducing that wee lass who likes to be under umbrellas Rihanna.

In Battleship we will see a different side to the mega popstar, probably the real person minus all the glam make up, glitzy fashion  improvising a character who is a  naval weapons specialist, with a few fake tattoos it isn’t an over spectacular transformation but what gets me is why so many popstars been accepted as actors taking a quick route into films which I think is a total disrespect to those actors who start from the bottom work their way up the ladder whilst these popstars get the job because they sold 10,000 songs. Dont get me wrong we do get the odd musician who has shown the thespian talent but there’s too many quick routes to stardom these days.

BATTLESHIP will be out in UK& Ireland April/May 2012 starring Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Deker, Alexander Skarsgård, Josh Pence, Rihanna, Jesse Plemons, Peter MacNicol, Tadanobu Asano.