Review: 30 Minutes or Less


reviewer Dexter Kong
Rated: 15 (UK)
Release Date: September 16th, 2011
DirectorRuben Fleischer
CastJesse EisenbergDanny McBride , Nick SwardsonAziz Ansari

30: Minutes or Less is the latest effort from Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, whilst the latter offered originality and humor in abundance, this outing fails to actually deliver (no pun intended) much by way of interesting characters or plot.

The plot of the film involves Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) a pizza delivery boy who gets kidnapped by two fledgling criminals and has a bomb device strapped to him. If he can get $100,000 in time the device will blow up.

The film’s story closely mirrors a real life event in which the same occurrence happened, so it’s not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you think ‘I know what would make a great comedy story’. Though it must be noted that the screenwriters only circumstantially came to the same situation vehicle (apparently). Oddly Fleischer strikes a serious tone in regards to the circumstance, so any humor that attempts to make light of the situation is rather devoid as Eisenberg puts perhaps too much drama in to his performance; a bad performance in which he fails to pull off comedic tone. One would think the only reason Eisenberg signed on was to work with Fleischer again?

There are some laughs to be had at the stupidity of kidnappers, Dawyne (Danny McBride) & Travis (Nick Swardson), who spend their time living at home off of Dawyne’s father’s money. Whilst Chet (Aziz Ansari) provides some humourous one liners and banter as Nick’s friend come partner in crime; though his delivery feels out of place, much like he is doing a stand-up routine not talking directly to anyone. He is good cop to Nick’s bad cop, by this I mean the funny one of the two. Sometimes the humor, in a cringe worthy way, does hit the bottom of the barrel in misplaced racism or sexism.

Overall this is a movie intended probably for a teen crowd or fans of bromance comedy. Nothing really makes it stand out apart from it being a weirdly serious situation with lazy acting.

Rating: 2/5