Raindance 2011:UK Trailer & Poster For Another Earth

Been a hetic unusual day today but now its back to business and first on the Agenda is from Fox Searchlight and the official UK Trailer for Mike Cahill’s Another Earth. If you’ve been following our other blogsite Cinehouse you would have read about our coverage of this movie one of the breakout movies from Sundance 2011  winning the Alfred P. Sloan Prize for the best film focusing on themes of science and technology as well as the Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Feature, visiting festival after festival leaving nothing but high praise and now the movie is coming to UK & Ireland.

It seems Autumn is the season of the planets, end of this month Lars Von Trier will destroy Earth with one his ‘non-Happy Endings’ with Melancholia though Cahill’s Another Earth may not be an end of the world scenario as in terms of been destroyed it still looks an emotional roller coaster ride for the movies characters plus the planet appears from nowhere too! People always talk about we have another you somewhere in the world, a doppelgänger but what if that Earth they live in appears what would you say to them? Would you steal their life it was even remotely better than the one you live in? If you killed someone even if it was an accident could you take their place  instead of living in redemption?

Find out on December 2nd when the movie arrives in a cinema near you, but if you cant wait that long Another Earth is to open this years Raindance Film Festival which kicks off  On September 28th. The movie stars Brit Marling(who also co-writes & produces the movie), William Mapother and Jordan Baker .

If you could meet another version of yourself, what would you say? What if you had another chance at a life just like this one, only different – what would lure you, what would scare you, and what, if anything, would stop you?
Mike Cahill’s intimate and provocative first feature, ANOTHER EARTH, tells the starkly moving story of Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), a brilliant young woman searching for a way to right a terrible tragedy. She lives in a world just like ours, except that suddenly, overnight, a mysteriously similar planet – provisionally dubbed Earth 2 – has appeared in the sky, like a giant, reflective mirror hanging over us.

For Rhoda, that strange, eerie planet, and the parallel reality scientists say it promises, is her last hope. Lost after a shocking accident halted her dreams of becoming an astrophysicist, she has no sense of the future. Driven in life only by the need to confront her past, Rhoda ends up at the front door of the man whose life she irrevocably changed – renowned composer John Burroughs (William Mapother).
Both disconnected, mistrustful and full of doubts about who they are, they fall into an unlikely, and risky, love affair. But when Rhoda gets the incredible chance to travel to Earth 2, it will expose the hidden truth between them and raises the question: what if the greatest mystery in the vast unknown is ourselves?