May 29, 2023

Orange Film Thursday – Na Na Na Na Batman! and Tonight Film Night Live With Peter Serafinowicz


It just seems like it was yesterday we were enjoying Howl in last weeks Orange Film To Go and Thursday has creped upon us again. Orange never fail to disappoint their film fan customer this week we have another treat for your is 1989’s Batman, starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger etc. As ever it’s available for Orange customers by texting FILMTOGO to 85060 and downloading during Thursday as usual.

This week’s Film Night Live is a bumper 45 minutes long, still starting at 8pm as usual. The competition prize is a vintage Batman comic, in which TwoFace makes his first appearance. (Batman original run issue 234, August 1971).Guests will be Terry Ackland-Snow (Art Director for Batman, along with Aliens, Rocky Horror and countless other great films) and Billy Dee Williams, who’s most famous for playing Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman (he also had a walk-on part in Star Wars as ‘Lando Calrissian’ but it’s unlikely anyone will remember that… ;). We’re taking questions for both of them, so people can get those in now (HERE) and we’ll put them to the guests tomorrow.
We’re also hoping to have a third (as yet unconfirmed) special surprise guest., who do you think it is? Only one way of finding out is tune in tonight!!!

Peter Serafinowicz and his co-host, Empire’s resident film expert Chris Hewitt, will be inviting more than 39,000 fans of Orange’s ‘Film Club’ Facebook page to join with them to discuss that week’s title (previous week’s films have included The Wrestler and Che: Part One) – chipping in with their comments, likes and dislikes via the live web chat.

Film Night Live  is free to all film fans so you dont need to be a Orange customer to enjoy this weekly  webcast show and The Peoples Movies has teamed up with Orange To bring you the show on the Peoples Movies & Cinehouse Facebook page  , so what you waiting for the show will be starting very shortly so get those questions ready for Peter and his guests and remember to let him know it was here at The Peoples Movies you heard about Film Night Live!

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