New UK Poster For Nicholas Cage’s Justice

Momentum Pictures have sent us the UK Quad poster for Nicholas Cage’s Visceral thriller Justice (or Seeking Justice as it’s been called in USA) formerly known  The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. Okay let’s be honest apart from part of last year old Nic Cage has been having a hard time convincing us  cinephiles he can actually star in a decent film, sadly there hasn’t been too many occasions we could say “Nic that was a good film!”.

Some of the criticism is a little unfair nasty  but an actor who made some decent 1980’s/1990’s flick cant just overnight go from good to embarrassing overnight without a good reason (your agent Nic?), what also annoys me I couldn’t care less who watches a movie first  but we’re still getting several American bloggers  “We’re American and we should see it first” attitude and Justice as youmay know at this time only has a UK/Irish release, but no American Release. So some of these bloggers  think because it’s not been released in America first it must be crap and a direct to dvd release, which maybe true for this movie however give it a chance guys, who cares who gets it first look at it in a positive way getting it second at least you can read the reviews before deciding if you want to see it or not.

Popular high school teacher Will Gerard (NICOLAS CAGE) lives a life of content domesticity with his beautiful musician wife Laura (JANUARY JONES). Until one night’s horrific events, turns their world upside down.

After Laura is violently attacked and left traumatised in hospital, Will is approached by a well-dressed stranger (GUY PEARCE) offering to dispense immediate justice to the attacker and save the couple from an emotionally traumatic trial. Distraught, Will accepts the proposal but soon learns justice comes at a price.

Justice stars January Jones, Guy Pearce with Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job) directing expect this movie to arrive November 18th. Last week the trailer was officially release and if you missed it here’s the trailer again sent to us courtesy of Momentum Pictures.