16 April 2024

Island ‘Retreat’ is to mend Marriages And Escape From A World Pandemic, Check out The UK Trailer For Retreat Starring Cillian Murphy

What is it with Cillian Murphy and Global pandemics? He took on the infected and barely survived in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, a viral pandemic threatens him and Thandie Newton on Retreat or does it?Like death follows his intended victims in Final Destination, virus follows suite with the Irish actor who just wants to head off to a small remote island to sort out his fledging marriage but peace is broken when a half dead soldier played by Jamie Bell is swept ashore and warns the couple a virus is sweeping across the mainland and warns the couple to barricade themselves.

But is there really an virus destroying mankind? Is the soldier telling the truth and if he isn’t how dangerous plus why does he scare the couple in such a way?

Few days ago we caught a preview of this film (watch out for Dexter’s review), this movie certainly plays on the 28 Days Later theme which is intriguing gritty affair a scenario which plays on the psychological thriller theme and we do like this movie sub-genre especially these days when the mind gets too lazy at the cinema with too many fun movies, so its nice occasionally get the brain working a little overtime.

Empire are the worthy hosts of this trailer and poster, the movie will be with us October 14th (UK&Ireland).

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