Géla Babluani’s 13 (Remake) Theatrical Trailer

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Is that TV ‘s very own Arthur Daley from Minder? Oh no its Jason Statham in a trilby looking very London Gangster in Géla Babluani’s 13 American remake (13 Tzameti ) and Yahoo have released the theatrical trailer for the movie. You have to go back to November 2010 when we brought you the first trailer, even then the movie had already been made a year before, but like many movies these days it felt victim of the delayed schedule some movies have been scrapped luckily for 13 it has survived and will get a limited release then direct to DVD in USA. Its understood after the movie  been sitting on the shelf simply because of in-house fighting between the director and producers which saw the movie been scrapped from its 2010 SXSW  American premiere but now Anchor Bay have picked up the tab so the movie is now been released 2 years later!

They say if your movie is going to be remade maybe its best you do the job and French based Georgian director Babluani believe it or not actually Bebluani  directed the original French movie which was ok nothing spectacular but it possessed enough ridiculous material for the big wigs to grab for a remake. The movie does boast a decent cast Jason Statham, Ray Winstone, Alexander Skarsgard, Ben Gazzara, Emmanuelle Chiriqui,  Mickey Rourke, and there’s  50 Cents (who has the 0%  acting ability) too so ill not be surprised when the movie gets released in UK its direct to DVD.

13  centres around a naive young man (Riley) who takes a dead man’s identity before finding himself embroiled in the craziest game of Russian Roulette,a world of power, violence and other men gamble on your life! When you look at it, 13 definitely looks direct to dvd material and I know Jason Statham’s filmography is n’t oscar winning  when it comes to standards even this one is below his own standard. As for Michael ‘ all hail General Zod’ Shannon  don’t go there.

13 is due for a Limited cinema release in USA before heading for DVD on November 8th, here in UK& Ireland no date has been confirmed for release in any format.