Fox To Create DC Comics The Spectre Into TV Series

Whilst many film studio’s think all comic book characters can be made into feature length cinematic flicks,some find themselves ending up on the small screen on our televisions but as history shows even then there not safe from criticism. Wonder Woman, Human Target are 2 who have either lasted maybe a season or two or even worse not got past the pilot episode but still these studios are still wanting to punp out more and Warner Bros  are about to throw another comic book character into the affray, DC Comics The Spectre.

Deadline are reporting the character who was created by Superman creator Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily is  a hard boiled murdered cop Jim Corrigan who has served time in the afterlife who hunts down earth based criminals on behalf of the dead.

Is it me does this sound like a certain R.I.P.D starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges? People will ask what came first or on the other hand R.I.P.D may just help build a interest in the Spectre tv series. A bit like some of the films comic tv adaptations seem to have a very short shelf life so even if this one does make it on to box how popular and how long could it survive in already overcrowded superhero tv/film genre?

John Doe writer Brandon Camp is behind the script with Gran Torino producer Bill Gerber serving as executive producer.