First Trailer For Ice Hockey Flick Goon Starring Seann William Scott, Leiv Schrieber

The first trailer for Ice Hockey flick Goon has appeared online, the comedy starring Seann William Scott, Liev Shreiber, Eugene Levy and Jay Baruchel.Out of all the sports regarded as ‘American’ Ice-hockey is probably the only sport widely played in UK compared to American football, baseball, my town Paisley we used to have one of the best teams in UK simply because during(&post) world war 2 we had a American, Canadian soldiers based in the town but that soon disappeared. The team re-emerged about 10 years ago but sadly like everything in my town it leaves moves elsewhere  but the memories  live on.

Goon made its world premier at Toronto Film Festival and the word from the festival, if you love the brawling that comes with the sport with plenty of humour thrown in hockey fans especially will love this. When it comes to sports films especially the American Sports which will do well in USA/Canada but outside I think its all down to what stars are casted can determine how well the movie does worldwide. Moneyball is a fine example Baseball may have its fanbase in UK&Ireland however its small compared to Football, Basketball even Ice Hockey, but it has Brad Pitt starring in it plus it has a story which non baseball fans can relate to as for Goon it should do ok  especially if the humour is top notch.

Goon tells the story of Doug Glatt (Scott) a small town bouncer , an outcast to his family who has been touch by the ‘fist of God’  who finds his right hook and talent to skate and joins his local team ends up been there enforcer! The movie doesn’t have any release details just yet but Magnet Releasing have picked up the rights for this so expect the movie to appear early 2012.


Goon is the story of Doug Glatt, a down-on-his-luck bouncer, who‟s been touched by the fist of God. Upon discovering both his right hook and skates, he joins a hockey team destined for the cellar and inspires them into the playoffs.

source Moviebox / Joblo (posters)