First Images From Ben Affleck’s Argo Revealed

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When these images caught my eye it took me a few moments to realise that these images are not of Deal Or No Deal TV presenter Noel Edmonds returning from a hair dye session on his way back to the popular  gameshow set but from Ben Affleck’s Argo. Affleck certainlylooks like he’s dived into the wardrobe of Noel Edmonds  for this 1970’s based political based on the ‘true events’ of  a life or death covert operation 6 Americans caught in the middle of the Iranian revolution of 1979  in events that haven’t been known in the public domain until now. On November 4, 1979 when the revolution reaching crisis point the American Embassy in Tehran  is stormed by  militants and 52 hostages are held. Amazingly 6 of those hostages manage to escape taking refuge in The Canadian Ambassadors home but its only the matter of time they are found and probably executed, step in Tony Mendez (Affleck) a CIA “exfiltration” specialist  attempts to create a plan to get the six out alive out of Iran.

Below are the first images from the movies Los Angeles set showing solo shots of Affleck as well as one with co-star Alan Arkin looking ‘hip’. When it comes to Affleck as a film director I do believe he is an talented film maker however I am one of few people who think The Town is good but overrated which leads me onto Argo, I just get the feelings of a true story version of The Expendables. Hopefully that feeling ends up been a passing one as this flick has George Clooney in the producers chair, we shall find out sometime 2012 when the movie is releasedby Warner Bros.

source  Celebuzz