Feature:The Essential Jared Leto

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Jared Leto is that most unusual of things – an actor who has managed to forge a successful, respectable, non-laughable musical career. As well as starring in classic, iconic films such as Requiem for a Dream and Fight Club, his band 30 Seconds To Mars have had hits worldwide, developed a devoted cult following and even delivered a stunning main stage set at last month’s Reading and Leeds festivals.

September sees his latest film MR NOBODY finally come to DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK. This searing science fiction romance also stars Dianne Kruger and Sarah Polley, and sees Leto give an extraordinary performance as 118 year-old Nemo Nobody, looking back on his life and loves from the year 2092 AD. And it also gives us a chance to look back on Leto’s greatest moments so far…

My So Called Life
This influential and critically acclaimed teenage television drama only lasted one season, yet it launched the careers of both Leto and Claire Danes, and its legacy is still being felt today. Leto grabbed attention playing Jordan, a good-looking trouble-maker and on-again, off-agian squeeze of Danes’ Angela.(imdb)

Fight Club
Post My So Called Life, Leto made the leap to films, taking leads in trashy teen fare like slasher Urban Legend and smaller parts in films such as The Thin Red Line. But it was a small but substantial part alongside Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in David Fincher’s brutal satire that really grabbed people’s attention. Leto went bleached blonde to play Angel Face, a naive acolyte of Tyler Durden’s notorious Project Mayhem.(imdb)

American Psycho

Leto followed Fight Club with another superb supporting role in another excellent violent literary adaptation. In the film version of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel, Leto played Paul Allen, a business rival to Christian Bale’s murderous Wall Street trader Patrick Bateman. Unsuprisingly, things don’t end well for Leto… (imdb)

Requiem For A Dream
After a string of great supporting roles (including appearing as Winona Ryder’s ex in Girl, Interrupted), Leto gave a blistering performance in Darren Aaronofski’s hyper-stylised adaption of Hubert Selby Jr’s drug novel. Leto anchors the film, as his life, alongside those of his girlfriend, his mother and his best mate, are dragged into despair and tragedy by addictions.(imdb)

Chapter 27
Leto gained 70 pounds to play the lead in the biography of Mark Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon. The film had a trouble production and struggled to find a US distributor, and upon its eventual release was met with met with mixed reviews. Despite these setback, however, Leto’s performance received near unanimous acclaim. (imdb)

30 Seconds To Mars
Leto has written and played music since before he started acting, and in 1998 the band he formed with his brother Shannon were signed to Virgin. Refusing to use his Hollywood status to promote the band, 30 Seconds To Mars have a credible act is their own right, building a fanatical fanbase and playing shows and festivals across the world. Their third and latest album This Is War was release in 2009 and has since gone Platinum in the UK.

Mr Nobody
In 2092, the oldest man in the world is 118 year old Nemo (Leto). He is on his deathbed reflecting on the three main loves of his life to a reporter. There was his great but taboo love Anna (Diane Kruger); Elise (Sarah Polley), whom a relationship was developed with out of circumstance; and Jean (Linh Dan Pham), who he shared an impassionate life of luxury with. However, when these stories intersect and overlap, the reporter begins to question if any of these lives and stories are real or just a figment of his old imagination. This highly original and incredibly powerful science fiction parable has garnered a cult following amongst fans of Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars, and is now finally available in the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray (imdb)

MR NOBODY is on DVD and Blu-Ray 12th September 2011.

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