Eddie Murphy To Host 84Th Oscars? Well He’s Brett Ratner’s Choice!!!

When it was announced that Brett Ratner was announced earlier this year as the producer of next years 84th Oscar Ceremony it certainly raised a few eyebrows. His Rush Hour franchise maybe not the most intriguing /exciting franchise ever made but it still gained just under £1 billion world wide at the box office , more recently Ratner has been working on his latest release Tower Heist and its from that cast he has chosen his candidate to host the Oscars…Eddie Murphy!!!

Depending on what part of the world your located, you’ll drowning in your coco pops or chocking  on your Sunday Roast , but this Tuesday Ratner is to meet the top dogs at Oscars were he’ll present Murphy as his man to present, a job that Murphy has reportedly ‘showing interest’. Outside the Shrek films, Murphy’s own flicks in which he has been the lead actor haven’t rocked the box office all have been critical as well as failures so you could can see the concern of critics this  could be a disastrous movie for the academy however Eddie Murphy performing to live audiences is a entirely different story.

Eddie Murphy career started in performing to live audiences as he was a stand up comedian  and went onto to do the Saturday Night Live, so any talk of inexperience performing live is a little unfair he could end up been a great gig for the actor as he is regarded as been one of the best crossover comedians worldwide along with Will Smith. Timing seems to be thing here as early indications state Tower Heist (which looks a little like a Oceans 11 but with more working class folks) could be a suprise autumn hit which will give Murphy a massive morale booster as well as break the failed movie voodoo.

Hosting The Oscars and bringing his ‘edgy’ style humour could be the big refreshing boost the awards have been looking for in a long time, it could also be the show to bring back the true Eddie Murphy we all used to love! As for the popular awards host Billy Crystal it seems he will be there but only to present which is the same for Oprah Winfrey  who will be joined by James Earl Jones who will present the Honorary award.


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